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   Gary Gehrts
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  Jay Elf
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   Rick Walker
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   Matt Quinn
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NCGA Handicap Chairman:

  Andy Clark
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Our first trophy tournament of the year turned out to be a tough round for most people, except for Andy Clark. He shot a net 58 to claim the 1st place prize in the first flight. He was the only player to break net par today, a first that I can recall since I've been tournament chairman. Way to go Andy!

Richard Lewis and Tom Millward also deserve congratulations as they claimed 1st place in their flights. Second place came down to some tie breakers. Larry Goodwin won a 5-way tie for 2nd place in the 1st flight and Rich Perry won a tiebreaker with Leroy Rogers to win 2nd place in the 2nd flight. Ken Nash won second place in the third flight. Well done everyone! It'll make the awards banquet food taste a bit better in November.

With the high scores, however, that meant a longer round. We did a good job with pace of play in the first two tournaments but we've slowed down in the last two. My group's round was 4 hours 40 minutes, way too long! Please be cognizant of pace of play and follow these guidelines:

- Play ready golf at all times
- If you are two to a cart, drop your partner at his ball and then go to yours.
- Putt out if you are in gimme range

A four hour round is ideal and four hours 15 minutes should be the maximum. Please keep this pace.

Our next tournament is February 28 and it is a shotgun start at 7:30. It is called Whack N' Hack- which means a four man team. The scores that count towards your team are the best score and the worst score per hole, unless someone in your team makes a net birdie, then you keep the best two scores. Confused? Don't worry, I know how it works. I'll have cards prepared for you.

Following the tournament, we will have a mens club meeting. Some topics to be discussed will include nomination of members for committees, a discussion of a message sent by the NCGA to me, and I will present my idea for a new match play event that I would like to start this summer. I hope everyone can play in the tournament and attend the meeting. Thank you and see you then!